Who is behind NetJSON?

NetJSON is a bottom up initiative which is the product of discussion happened on the interop-dev mailing list between 2012 and 2015.

The idea came after years of attempts at creating interoperable software for community networks. After several failed attempts, some contributors understood that the missing piece of the puzzle was a common format that allowed different networking tools to interoperate easily.


Below you can find a list of people who gave a significant contribution to NetJSON.

Federico Capoano

He started thinking about a common JSON format for networks after a period of intense development work with other open standards like GeoJSON and Open311 between 2012 and 2014.

He currently works full time on the OpenWISP project.

He wrote most of the specification while writing implementations for his software projects and collecting feedback from the interop-dev mailing list.

L. Aaron Kaplan

He co-founded the interop-dev group to work on networking software interoperability issues and contributed to get the work on the NetJSON specification started. He also helped to get funding from the CONFINE EU project.

Unix user since 1992, freebsd user since 1993, he studied maths & computer sciences in Vienna. He’s founding member of the Funkfeuer network and works at CERT.at.

Henning Rogge

He contributed with feedback, encouragement and started implementing NetJSON early in the netjsoninfo plugin for the OLSRd2 routing daemon (also known as OLSR.org Network Framework).

He currently maintains the OLSRd2 routing deamon and helds the position of researcher at Fraunhofer FKIE.



The initial work on the NetJSON specification was supported financially with a grant from the CONFINE EU project.

2016 - current

Currently the work on the NetJSON specification is being done by volunteers who care about achieving its goals.

We are interested in financial contributions like donations, grants and open source funding programs; this would help to speed up important tasks like writing more NetJSON implementations and refining the specification.

If you can help in this matter, please get in touch with us.

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